It is not necessary to use a proxy to log in, using a normal network is fine.

After you pay you will be redirected to "Purchase History" which contains all the transactions you have purchased, open your transaction will see the account information.

Only ID Verified Accounts Come With ID Card.

Usually not, but if your account is working fine and you have a lot of successful bills, you can contact the Facebook team to help increase your spending limit.

This problem is quite easy to solve, you just need to log in to your account on your phone then go to Pages and republish the page. Or visit the link to republish the Page.

Yes, you can completely change the language after logging in. By this link:

Does not affect the quality of the account. You can delete or leave the admin.

When you log in to your Hotmail account that needs phone number verification to unlock, you can use your personal phone number to verify.
You can then replace the phone number with your recovery email (can use; or your personal email)

That's a one-day spending limit.